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More height, more space, more storage


Using the full height of the room, we have maximised storage space within the wardrobe. Each sliding door is made-to-measure to the height of the ceiling creating a seamless and impressive look. There is now more space for hanging rails, shelves and other interiors. Sliderobes have no restrictions on the width on your wardrobe. It all depends on your space. This wardrobe is an impressive size as it runs wall to wall.


Soften the look


Whilst two sliding mirror doors are functional, adding another two doors in our classic grey glass softens the overall look of the wardrobe and gives it a stylish finish. The couple chose Sliderobes dust grey interior for a neutral backdrop to all of their fashions within the wardrobe.


Behind closed doors


The interior layout and chosen accessories was designed with the customers in mind. We made sure they both had individual spaces that included a space to hang long dresses for her, and a pull-out trouser rail for him. Internal drawers are a tidy alternative to hideaway small items, and plenty of shelving creates a space for them to store fitness equipment and bags. The clever shoe storage also means that all of their belongings really can be in one place.


Family recommendations


It’s a family affair! Delighted with the result, we also designed a new fitted wardrobe for their grandmother’s house, who said that having Sliderobes had really changed her life!

Made-to-measure Sliderobes maximise the space in your home, making full use of every nook and cranny. Let one of our designers show you how. If you’d like to book a free design appointment, click here.

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