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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we frequently get asked.  We hope they are useful.  Remember we are always here if you need our help. Just give us a call or send an email.

We don't have prices for individual Sliderobes wardrobes as each one is individually customised to you. The price depends on the wardrobe size, door finishes and interior layouts, and so only the designer can give an exact price. However, if you have a rough idea of the finish you’d like and measurements of the width of the fitted wardrobe you want, phone us or pop into the showroom and we will be happy to give you an estimate cost indicating the top and bottom ends of what you are likely to pay.

Yes, your fitted wardrobes are guaranteed for 10 years - including doors, door running systems, interiors, accessories (excluding any electrical or LED accessories which are guaranteed for a period of 2 years) and free standing furniture. We will replace or repair, free of charge, any items covered by this guarantee. Happily, very few people ever need to call upon their 10 year guarantee – statistically, they’re much more likely to come back to Sliderobes for another wardrobe! Visit our 10 year guarantee section for more information, and if in any doubt give us a call or pop into one of our showrooms.

Yes, what better way to find bedroom furniture that’s just right to compliment your fitted wardrobe?  When you order from Sliderobes, make sure to talk to us about the wide range of bedside cabinets, headboards, chests of drawers and dressing tables that we have.

Absolutely not! Unless you see the Sliderobes name over the showroom door, then you can’t be getting the genuine article.

Giving you an exact price without first seeing your space is tricky, but we can give you a ‘ball park’ estimate after asking you a few simple questions about what kind of wardrobe interiors and finishes you had in mind for your room.

One of the very special things about Sliderobes is that everything we do is bespoke. Every element of your fitted wardrobe – the look of it, the size of it, the interior, is designed and tailored specifically to what you want and your budget.  So, in order to give you an exact price , we need to visit your home, design the sliding door wardrobe with you and measure up to make sure we get it right first time.  When a Sliderobes designer is with you, you can experiment with different materials and finishes and see how this changes the cost of your wardrobe, so you can compare prices and find your perfect storage solution.

Because Sliderobes build made-to-measure wardrobes, we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you were moving to another house with a room of exactly the same proportions.  Sliderobes wardrobes, with their incredible practical storage space, add considerably to the value of your home, so you might want to reconsider moving them if you move house.  If you are selling your home, potential buyers may be interested in knowing that Sliderobes 10 year guarantee is fully transferable.

Of course you’d miss all that storage in your new home. Looking on the bright side, you’ve the chance to visit Sliderobes again, and if it’s been a while since you last called in, you’re likely to see some terrific new wardrobe finishes and interiors that weren’t around last time.

We can offer other options, such as hinged or folding doors. However, Sliderobes have been making and installing sliding door wardrobes since 1983 and that experience shows us that sliding doors almost always offer a better solution. Before making the decision that other types of doors are right for you, spend some time looking at what we can do and look at our opinion on the benefits of sliding doors in this Q&A section. Sliding doors have much more flexibility on width and height, and the doors don't intrude into your room space. This combines to make better use of space than any other option.

Yes, at Sliderobes we pride ourselves on being able to install our fitted wardrobes into unusual spaces.  Sloping ceilings, chimney breast and alcoves are no problem for our expert fitters.

Sliderobes are the perfect sliding door wardrobe company to cope with unusual spaces like this! Every Sliderobes wardrobe is tailor made, so we can fit around all those awkward nooks and crannies. So whatever space you have available, with a fitted wardrobe, you can put every single centimetre to good use.

Yes!  Sliderobes can help you design a fitted wardrobe that goes across or around a corner – whether you are talking about an internal or external corner. All you need to have is at least 1.5 metres of wall on either side.

You can be sure you still get maximum storage space because we don’t use ‘corner posts’ and our designs optimise every available centimetre, unlike some hinged or free standing wardrobes.

And to absolutely make the most of what space you’ve got, we’ve an innovative curved hanging rail that can go round a corner. How clever is that?

No, sorry!  Online shopping just isn’t possible with Sliderobes, because we offer made-to-measure storage solutions and totally bespoke wardrobes.  You can still view all our wardrobes, interiors and matching furniture online, to give you some ideas before you visit our showroom.

If we are fitting your furniture in front of existing electrical sockets, please remember to remove all faceplates from those sockets and have the wires made safe by an electrician before the fitter arrives. Our fitters will not touch electrics - so please seek advice from an electrician. 

Yes, of course.  Sliderobes can work from your plans and design the wardrobe with you as if the room was already built.

We’ll still have to send a designer to the site and get exact measurements when the room is built, but provided the wardrobe measurements aren’t vastly different from the original plan the price won’t change.

If you’ve got design ideas already buzzing around your head – a total home renovation or simply a more modest attic conversion or home extension – then it’s the ideal way forward – and don’t forget, Sliderobes aren’t limited to just bedroom furniture like other stand-alone wardrobes.  You can have a fitted wardrobe anywhere in your home – the hallway, a home office, or as dividing doors for rooms in your home.

In fact, before you finalise those plans come and talk to us, we might be able to suggest little tweaks to your plans to help you maximise your storage space.

Of course we can. Sliderobes designers are experts in all things related to wardrobe design and materials, and it can be difficult to get them to talk about anything else!

Our designers come prepared with samples of wardrobe woods, glasses, finishes and more, as well as a laptop with special computer aided design software to make light work of designing your fitted wardrobe.

If you’ve already got precise ideas about what your wardrobe will look like, then they’ll listen, and find a way to translate your ideas into reality.

No, it's not essential to visit a showroom if it's not convenient for you. You can get lots of ideas from our website, and we're happy to visit you with any samples you might like to see.  We can even create an on-screen design of how your wardrobe will look in your room using our special 3D software. Of course, if you do visit a Sliderobes showroom, you’ll be able to experience our designer sliding wardrobes first hand.  We also pride ourselves on our first class customer service and can answer any questions you have about the wardrobes, the designs, the features and benefits.

The appointment with a Sliderobes designer should last no more than an hour and a half for one fitted wardrobe. Please allow for longer if you want to design more than one wardrobe.

At Sliderobes, we’re not taken in by people who offer huge discounts, sales every few weeks, or hundreds of promotions so we don’t really do that.

When you design your wardrobe with Sliderobes, our CAD software calculates individual prices based on your own bespoke unit.  Different materials can cost more, so experiment with different styles and wardrobe finishes until you find the one you love at a price that’s affordable. 

Because they are built-in wardrobes, rather than free standing, installation naturally creates some dust, but Sliderobes make sure this impact on you is minimal.

To leave your room as clean as we can, Sliderobes fitters bring dust sheets, use power tools that have dust extractors fitted, and they clean and dust as they go.  After vacuuming all the dust we possibly can and taking away every last bit of debris, the only job left for you is filing your gorgeous new sliding door wardrobe!  Of course, even we can’t cope with airborne dust, so there might be some settlement of dust on your furniture afterwards. (And that has been known to keep our fitters awake at night!)

Sliderobes usually take only one day to install, but if you’ve chosen something out of the ordinary, obviously it’s going to take a bit longer. So, expect a day, but if it’s a fitted wardrobe with unusual features – particularly big or complex or in sloping ceilings - then it might run into a second or third day.  A trained Sliderobes designer should be able to tell you right at the outset though, so you can plan ahead.

It depends. We aim for four weeks, but most of the time things happen much faster.

Sliderobes wardrobe doors and interiors come in so many different styles and designs that you can choose thousands of different combinations to make your bedroom, hallway, home office or any other part of your home feel unique.  And so, it can take a little while to get everything assembled and ready to fit – we are perfectionists, and we aim for long term satisfaction rather than instant gratification.

Yes, all our glass wardrobes have safety backing which means that if the glass is smashed the pieces will not fall out of the panels. So, no need to worry when getting glass wardrobes fitted in your child's bedroom as the glass will stay together no matter what happens, preventing any injuries and accidents.

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