How To Style Carozo Copper Fitted Wardrobes

Carozo Copper is a very versatile and stylish colour that blends seamlessly with both a classic and contemporary look. With its warm, orange hue, it adds richness and luxury to any room. Carozo Copper can be added to our Sliding and Walk-In wardrobes and fitted furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and home offices. Let’s take a look at some of the eye-catching ways you can style this finish in your home.

1. Blue

Adding the Carozo Copper to a backdrop of Blue creates a stunning contrast in a home office or living space. You could use the Carozo Copper as a desk top or in drawer fronts in a coffee table. When paired together the two colours create a feeling of elegance and extravagance with little effort.

2. Pastels

Carozo Copper works beautifully with pastel colours. Pastels are trending in Spring-Summer 2023 and are a great option to enhance light and add space to a room. To avoid a nursery look, add an earthy neutral to the scheme such as our Tobacco Gladstone Oak, which will bring edge and depth to the space.

3. Black

Pairing Carozo Copper with Black adds character and depth to a room. Don’t be afraid to put these colours in a dark area of your home as this can create an even bigger impact! Using the Carozo Copper in fitted furniture with sumptuous textures beside it allows the space to become extremely cosy and cocooning. To amplify the look, add bronze or gold accessories, like our Shuffle Brushed Brass handle.

4. Fir Green

Together Fir Green and Carozo Copper create a mature look, perfect for a home office! The combination of Fir Green with the texture of Carozo Copper increases the earthy nature of the space making it feel more homely.

Carozo Copper
offers a whole host of design possibilities throughout your home. If you would like to see how we could create your dream furniture with Carozo Copper, book a FREE design visit with your local Sliderobes designer here.


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