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Our Purpose, Values & Principles


Our purpose sets out what we will deliver for each of our stakeholders, and these unite us in a common purpose each day. Our values set the context for the way we manage our Sliderobes business, and our principles define the way everyone in Sliderobes conduct their work every day. Everyone in Sliderobes is expected to uphold our purpose, values and principles in every action and decision they make.


We define our purpose for each of our major stakeholders:

Our purpose is to make our customers happy by helping them transform their space. Sliderobes products will be value-for-money, expertly designed and tailor-made for our customers’ needs. We will make our customer experience enjoyable by having the friendliest, least hassle and most professional service in the market.

We will select our suppliers not just on the product and service they provide but also on their values and principles, and we will work with them to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Wider community
We will work in partnership with the communities in which we are based to achieve mutually shared benefits for the community, our colleagues and our business.

We will strive to operate our business in a sustainable manner, continually seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact of our product and services.


We will always:

  • Try to do the right thing
  • Strive to do what we set out to do as best we can
  • Operate within the letter and the spirit of the law
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Provide products that meet our customers’ needs and wants, which are good quality, long-lasting and safe for our customers to use
  • Be fair, open and honest in all our dealings with our stakeholders



When dealing with our customers we will seek to build fantastic rapport and trust with our customers by:

  • Always looking smart and professional
  • Always treating them with respect
  • Always being empathetic to their needs
  • Recognising that each customer is different and adjusting our behaviour accordingly
  • Never engaging in the act of hard selling
  • Never denigrating our competitors
  • Never quarrelling or losing our temper with them
  • Delivering great product and service by:
  • Never providing bad designs – we will walk away if the product is not suitable
  • Striving to install our product right, first time, every time
  • Doing our best to do what we say we will do
  • When we don’t, say “sorry” and put it right as quickly as possible
  • Continually seeking feedback and using that to improve the products and services we offer

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